• Specimen Feeder for Tensile Test
  • Robotic Testing System 'roboTest P'

Tensile Test with Robotic Testing System

The safe, reliable and precise handling of heavy specimens places considerable demands on the operator and the operating system. Zwick’s robotic testing solutions completely automate the testing process while relieving the load on
operators, minimizing operator errors and increasing operational safety
and reliability. Under our robotic testing concept, the specimens for testing are sorted into magazines manually, but from this point everything takes place automatically up to sorting of the specimen remains for inspection if necessary.
Additional measuring devices can be integrated into the sequence as required, in particular Zwick’s crosssection measuring device with four independent, automatically applied measuring transducers for precise cross-sectional area determination.



Zwick Robotic Testing System for Heavy Plates

Zwick robotic testing system ‚roboTest R' with 2 material testing machines Zwick 2000 kN for tensile tests on ...
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38_Zwick_Robotic_Testing_System_for_Heavy_Plates.wmv (43 M)

Automated Tensile Test on Heavy Plate

Zwick robotic testing system ‚roboTest R' with materials testing machines 1200 kN and 600 kN for tensile ...
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22_Automated_Tensile_Test_on_Heavy_Plate.wmv (38 M)


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