Tensile Test

Tensile Test

For the tensile test specimens are removed from heavy plate in such a way that the sheet thickness is retained as specimen thickness as far as possible. Specimens have a correspondingly large cross-section, the parallel length being produced by milling. The tensile test material properties are therefore determined over a large volume and the influences of specimen production minimized. Zwick’s wide range of standard testing systems up to 2500 kN provide high-accuracy testing under high loads; our tensile test hydraulic specimen grips ensure that perfect clamping and positioning of specimens are maintained during tests. Strain measurement in most cases is via a Macro digital extensometer, offering a high degree of robustness – its sensor arms remain on the specimen until failure. It also features easy operation; the sensor arms are applied automatically at the start of the test and can be placed in a safe idle position at the end. The high measurement accuracy (up to ISO 9513 Class 0.5) is not affected by oxide layers and gage length (L0) adjustment can be performed automatically via the testing software.


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